You will find us south of the Norddalsfjord, in the village Norddal.


From Ålesund: It takes you 1,5 hours by car along Storfjorden. Leave E39 at Sjøholt, turn right onto 650 until the ferry at Linge. Take left leaving the ferry in Eidsdal, following signs to Norddal for the kilometers. Turn left at the first road crossing, After 200 metres you arrive at Petrines on your left.


From Romsdalen: In summer, leave E136 onto 63  passing Trollstigen (The Troll Road) and Valldal until the ferry at Linge. By car, it is approx. 1 hour and 15 minutes, no stops and sightseeing included. In winter, you have to go by E39 and Sjøholt.


From Lom: In summer, you arrive by 15 Strynefjellet. Leave 15 at Langvatnet onto 63. From Langvatet, the ride takes about an hour, passing Geiranger and The Eagles Road. Turn right in Eidsdal, following the sign for Norddal.


Make the ride a part of your goal!

All roads leading to Norddal is worth while in them selves. Arriving passed Strynefjellet and Geiranger, via Romsdalen and Trollstigen or aling the Storfjorden from Ålesund, you will have had an experience of a life time, long before arriving at your destination! Take your time to stop and get out of the car, have a picnic, enjoy the fresh air, the remarkable views, and the fact that you are actually here.


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Eagles Road and Troll Road, road no. 63

Road no. 63 from Langvatet to Geiranger,  and The Troll Road from Valldal to Romsdal, is closed at winter. If you arrive in May, June and October, please call us to know if the road is open. You may also call Traffic Information no. 175 from Norway or +47 815 48 991 from abroad for updated info.

GPS coordinates
Lat 62.2525769 / Lon 7.2349058
WGS 84
Lat 62º 15′ 9.277” / Lon 7º 14′ 5.661”
UTM 33
X 97358.00558737986 /  Y 6926518.006014432